Program Duration and Cost

Program Duration and Cost Breakdown:

FRC is proud to say that it remains one of the most affordable registered, short- and long-term rehabs IN THE COUNTRY!

Benefits included:

  • Class & Group work
  • Addiction Counselling sessions
  • Social Worker sessions
  • Psychiatrist sessions (Medical Aid)
  • Psychologist sessions (Medical Aid)
  • Occupation Therapist sessions (Medical Aid)
  • 24-hour Medical care
  • Food and Accommodation
  • Family Consultation and Restoration
  • Training material
  • Arts & Crafts supplies
  • Sports activities on the FRC premises

Benefits at Additional Cost

  • Starter Pack
  • Medical costs (if applicable)
  • Recreational Event (One per month)
  • Pocket Money – at sponsor’s discretion

Please contact us for the latest up-to-date fees.

Medical Aids include, but are not limited to: